**ENGR 015 Labs (Fall 2022)** # Lab Information **Instructor:** Maggie Delano, Singer 233, schedule office hours [here](https://calendly.com/maggiedelano/meet) **Lab Location:** Singer 221 **Lab Sections:** View your assignment and the lab schedule [here](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ATGU8RP2p4EMpu22abTce7feMXpnm-5Mug7c2zqsJJM/edit#gid=1550621865) **Moodle Page:** Part of the lecture Moodle [here](https://moodle.swarthmore.edu/course/view.php?id=22239#section-15) **Course Overview and Policies:** Please see the [course syllabus](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yOvapJJddol4zFRJaOxWfeWLz9mqVCUy-uAlyMGpWsg/edit#) # Labs - [Lab 1](E15_Lab1_FA22.html): Introduction to Program Flow in Embedded Systems - [Lab 2](E15_Lab2_FA22.html): Using Conditionals and Buttons to Create A Passcode Enabled LED - [Lab 3](E15_Lab3_FA22.html): Using A Joystick To Control A Bank of LEDs - [Lab 4](E15_Lab4_FA22.html): RoboLaser # Final Project ## Final Project Overview See the [slides](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/108WA9cL_fxMyQdoIb950CACahaR16-qzbT6-QFXPPTA/edit#slide=id.g61b291203b_13_1) presented in class. ## Final Project Dates 11/1: Final project proposals due
11/8: Parts arrive
11/22: Progress reports due
12/14: Final project reports due
12/14: Final project presentations due All work can be submitted on Moodle in the final project section at the bottom.