Favorite Problems

I first completed a “12 Favorite Problems” exercise as part of Tiago Forte’s course Building a Second Brain. Below are some of these big picture questions I love to think about. Definitely get in touch if you think about these too!

Technology Development

  • How can remote health monitoring help patients manage chronic diseases?
  • How can self-tracking and self-experiments lead to meaningful personal insights?

Pedagogy and Students

  • How can I help my students choose career paths in line with their values?
  • How can I leverage my experiences and skills to help those around me?

Societal Impact and Design Justice

  • How can I transform Higher Education to value positive impact to society in addition to the pursuit of knowledge?
  • How can I change the engineering profession to embrace the Design Justice Principles?
  • How can I leverage participatory design for solution intensive problems?
  • How can interdisciplinary work and the liberal arts further my research and impact?

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