Maggie Delano

Assistant Professor
Engineering Department
Swarthmore College

Office: Singer 233
Phone: 610-328-8295

I’m an Assistant Professor of Engineering at Swarthmore College. My research interests include the development of monitoring systems for chronic diseases and inclusive engineering design. You can find a list of my publications here and a list of the courses I’ve taught here. For my PhD dissertation, I built a fluid status monitor for patients with congestive heart failure with Professor Charlie Sodini. While in graduate school, I was also co-organizer of Quantified Self Boston and started the Quantified Self Boston Women’s Meetup.

Both my research and my experiences with the Quantified Self community have stimulated my interest in inclusive and anti-oppressive design. In Fall 2021 I piloted the first iteration of my inclusive engineering design course, a course that is “half seminar, half design studio.” I also co-authored two publications on inclusive design, and have written other articles for a general audience, such as an article on the design of period tracking apps, and on the perils of electronic monitoring.

For full details on my research, teaching and writing, check out my CV. I’m also experimenting with a digital garden for sharing curated content and resources, which you can find here.