As I mentioned in this post, I have been working on putting together a Code of Conduct for Boston QS’s meetups. We announced our Code Of Conduct Thursday just in time for one of our events. I’ve included the full text of the announcement below. 

There were a few resources that I found particularly helpful while writing this up. The first was a Code of Conduct 101 + FAQ about why we need code of conducts. It both motivates the need for codes of conducts in our community and gives you the information needed to address questions your community members may have.The second was a post on how to design a Code of Conduct for your community. This is a great resource on what to consider when designing and implementing a Code of Conduct. I also found reviewing specific Codes of Conducts from other communities and conferences to be particularly helpful. These included the Django Code of Conduct, the Citizen Code of Conduct, the QS13 Anti-Harassment Policy, the Bocoup Code of Conduct, and Theorizing The Web’s Anti-Harassment Statement

Read on for the full announcement.

Hello everyone!

We here with Boston Quantified Self are dedicated to hosting meetups and events that are safe and comfortable for everyone involved, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, physical appearance, and beliefs. As our group expands, we’d like to take the opportunity to set forth clear rules and guidelines for all our events moving forward. We have put together a 

code of conduct

 that will come into effect for all future events (including the 

QS Co-Lab

, which is tonight! Hope to see you there!).  Please review the code of conduct before you attend your next event with us. I’ve also pasted the code of conduct text at the end of this email. If you believe someone is violating our code of conduct, please report it by either speaking with or emailing the organizer for your particular event directly. For more information about code of conducts (and why we chose to implement one), check out this 

Code of Conduct 101 + FAQ

. Feedback on the code of conduct is most welcome and can be sent to Maggie Delano at

. -Maggie Delano On Behalf of the Boston Quantified Self Organizers