Between my preceptorship and writing a final paper, I’ve been spending much more time on my OS X laptop than my Windows work computer, so I decided to install LifeSlice and play around with it. LifeSlice is a neat OS X application that takes a snapshot with your webcam and a screenshot at pre-defined intervals throughout the day. It also keeps track of other goodies such as how many keys you have pressed, how many mouse clicks you’ve made, etc. You can generate daily and/or monthly reports with your slices and stats.

It’s been pretty funny to spy on myself so far. I’ve uploaded a few example webcam shots. Right now I have the slices configured to run every half hour, and sometimes I realize a slice is about to be taken (and might change my behavior!) and other times I don’t. A few times I haven’t been at my computer at all. When I’m really concentrating, I look borderline angry, which I find really hilarious and also explains why people sometimes think I’m mad when I’m working.

I’ve been incredibly mobile in my laptop usage - I’ve used my computer in 8 different locations since I installed LifeSlice Wednesday night! I haven’t really looked at any of the other stats yet, but will go back and check these out once I’m in serious paper writing mode.

I am also wearing a sweater or hoodie that is red or blue in almost every slice. It can get warmer any time now, please.