I’ve been eating vegan during the week for almost three months now. I thought it would be pretty challenging to eat vegan and also purchase most of my meals (I’ve been busy, and haven’t had much time for cooking). Fortunately, though, I’ve found a few different vegan options at restaurants in Cambridge and Somerville that I really like. Here are some of my current favorites:

  • The Atticus at Bloc 11 Cafe  buffalo tempeh with avocado spread, tomato, red onion, and greens on rye. I tried this for the first time two weeks ago, and love it. Ask for it toasted.
  • Chickpea Fritter at Clover - hummus, israeli salad, pickles, falafel, pickled vegetables and tahini. Crunchy and amazing. 
  • Chana Masala and Toor Dal at Cafe Spice - chickpeas, yellow lentils, and rice. Simple but probably one of my favorite lunch time options.

Most chain restaurants also have a vegan option, or you can order a vegetarian option without cheese. The sofritas from Chipotle is delicious, as is the hummus and veggie sandwich from Cosi.